Dr. Herman A. Carstens, M.D.

Patient Philosophy


You're in great hands

We believe in the old adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Therefore, patient education and preventive medicine are important aspects of our practice philosophy. You need to understand the nature of your illness or condition and the basis of our medical recommendations. We ask that you please read all information materials given to you by our staff, and we highly encourage you to ask any questions you may have. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with our medical staff, and confident with your care.


Dr. Carstens will recommend different screening tests, as well as any other laboratory tests that need to be performed. You will be given a return appointment in the event we perform or order any test, for you to come get the results. Because of H.I.P.P.A. (privacy rules) we are unable to share test results of any kind over the phone

Obstetrical Care

Proper obstetrical care is very important to your health and the health of your baby. The first appointment you will come and fill all your paper work, we will go over all the information gathered, establish how far along you are in your pregnancy and figure out when the big day will be, we will order all your lab work, and answer your many questions.  For your second appointment you will get your physical examination.  Then we will see you every couple of weeks until your last few months when we will see you weekly.


We routinely see patients from 8:30 AM to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. It is necessary to schedule an appointment.  If you have an emergency, please call our office. We will work you in as quickly as possible, when medically indicated.   Regular appointments should be made in advance. Postpartum and postoperative appointments should be made as soon as you return home from the hospital.

We recognize the value of your time, so we do our best to keep your appointment on schedule. However, unforeseen delays may arise due to surgical complications or emergency patients. Your patience in these matters are greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately babies do not give us advance notice regarding their arrival, so when they’re ready, Dr. Carstens needs to run and attend to the delivery. However, he is committed to serving all patients to the best of his ability and promptly returns to the office following all deliveries and emergencies that occur during business hours.

If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, please call 48 business hours prior to your scheduled appointment to reschedule. If you fail to give us notice, you will be charged a $25.00 fee per appointment. If you fail to show up without notification for three consecutive appointments, we will no longer be able to have you as a patient.

Phone Availability

We are reachable at the office from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. We have many incoming lines, and you may be asked if you have an emergency. If your call is not an emergency, you may be asked to be put on hold, so please bear with us. Your call will be taken as promptly as possible.

When Dr. Carstens is seeing patients, he is only interrupted for emergencies. If you call with a non-urgent medical problem or question, it is best that you schedule an appointment, so that your issue may be properly addressed. All prescriptions and refill request must be made during normal business hours.


Insurance and Billing:

Dr. Carstens participates with most PPO’s insurance companies, HMOs, ExclusiveCare Medi-Cal, PrimeCare, Tri-Care, AIM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medical, IEHP, Molina, Vantage and many more. Patients will be responsible for any services not covered under their contract or for services rejected by insurance. Patients are responsible for any co-pay or deductible amounts. If your insurance carrier requires a referral for our services or pre-certification for any services, inpatient or outpatient, we will do our best to help you, it's also helpful if you notify them directly. Several insurance carriers dictate that the patient is referred to a specialist by their PCP, in such cases we can only see you when you bring a referral for your Family Practitioner.

You are responsible for paying your co-pay, deductible or any amount your insurance directs you to pay prior to being seen by the service provider.

Obstetrical Services

If you do not have insurance, you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit before your first visit.  The balance of the total fees will be due at your follow-up appointment.

Sterilization and surgeries

All insurance companies do not cover these surgical procedures. If your policy does not cover this procedure, you will be asked to pay the entire surgical fee prior to your surgery being performed.


It is very important that you understand the financial arrangements for your medical and surgical care. Your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your chosen carrier, and we will collect whatever fees you choose under your contract with them.

Patients are responsible for payment at the time of their appointment.

Credit Policies

Our credit policies are as follows. If you have any questions about policies or fees, please do not hesitate to ask.

1.  Office Consultations - We ask that all office calls be paid in full at the time of the visit.

2.  Obstetrical Care - If you do not have insurance, our fee is to be paid prior to delivery. Any amount not covered by your insurance will also be due prior to delivery. Our office can assist in arranging a payment plan.

3.  Surgical Fees - If you do not have insurance, our fees are to be paid prior to delivery. Any amount not covered by your insurance will also be due prior to surgery. Our office can assist in arranging a payment plan.

4. Lab tests -  Blood work, pap smears and any other tests will be billed by the laboratory. Any questions regarding these bills should be directed to the lab that performed the test on your behalf.

5.  We accept cash and all major credit cards. We do not accept checks.

If you have any additional questions regarding billing, please contact us and ask for out office manager at 951-686-8600.